Good Carb Diet

The South Beach Diet

The Description of the South Beach Diet.

WHAT IS IT: The South Beach Diet is a three-phase plan. In the beginning the diet is similar to the Atkins diet simply do to its low-carbohydrate quality. During the start of the diet, the south beach is similar to the first two weeks of the Atkins Diet. Several Carbohydrates are dropped such as bread, pasta, potatoes, some fruit and most dairy products.

In PHASE 2, the diet will introduce some of the healthy carbs, fruits, whole grains some dairy products, ecspecialy the ones high in nutriants. These food items are slowly reintroduced. However processed carbs, such as, donuts, cookies, donuts, bagels, donuts, regular pasta, donuts, cakes, donuts, hot fudge sundays, donuts, and most processed carbs need to be be eliminated from our diets. Did I mention donuts….. yeah okay, tasty but admired from a far. Again stay away from donuts, yes I know how good they are but you need to keep away from them, them being donuts.

In 10,000 words or less is it okay to eat donuts, if so explain. If not, explain as well


If you will be eliminating donuts from your diet, is it okay to frequent Dunkin Donuts ? The answer is yes but stay away from ordering donuts.

The will power required to refrain from eating donuts pales in comparisson to the will power needed to avoid ordering donuts. Once you have made up your mind to ignore your hunger pains for donuts, the sooner you avoid establishments that just serve donuts.

I will point this out one more time Ditto for carrots, corn, bananas, raisins, pineapple, fruit juice and watermelon. This phase lasts until the weight goal is reached. In Phase 3, adherents are urged to stick mostly with the same foods as in PHASE 2. Agatston notes, however, that lapses are inevitable and dieters may need to “switch back to PHASE 1 for a week or two” when they overindulge and regain weight.