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Shopping Advice for Low Carb Dieters

Watching carbs to lose weight, or stay healthy, should not cost you a fortune. Which is why including high-priced foods in your diet is not necessary, for sure. There are countless less costly, yet delicious, options that are low in carbs. So let’s get started saving money on the most delicious, low carb foods.

First things first; we all know packaged food is costly. Swap it out with home-cooked dishes made from tender meat and fresh vegetables. Pre-packaged junk foods will only drain money off of your wallet while it won’t do good to your waistline, either.

You, next, might want to consider purchasing food in season. Of course, wouldn’t you dress heavily in winter, and lightly in summer? Likewise, you’d like to order fruits and veggies when they are in season – that’s when they are cheapest. Otherwise, it costs a lot more when produce is flown in from other countries. But by purchasing in-season vegetables, and even freezing them, you can get yourself your favourites year-round, yet cheaply.

It’s also possible to spend less on meat. While the expensive beef tenderloin is a tasty cut of meat, the chuck and sirloin cuts make a delicious taste at a much reduced price. They contain streaks of fat running throughout the meat, a thing that makes them tender, juicer and super delicious. They are best suitable to slow cooking – no wonder you should think soups, stews, braises and roasts.

In the same respect, protein that is priced right helps stretch your dollar, as well. There is more to controlling carbs than meat – do not fall in to a supper slump. Break the monotony of your dinner meat by including some eggs. Besides, you can prepare them in any way you like: poached, scrambled, omelette, crustless quiche, etc. Moreover, tofu and other soy foods could replace the usual sources of chicken and turkey protein, yet give you a variety of nutrients.

You can save on snacks, too. Get low-carb snacks, including shakes and nutrition bars, cheaply at store specials. Buy in bulk. Understand websites that offer items that you regard as your favourites  and sign up for their newsletters to catch a heads up on sales. Don’t fail to check for coupons in newspapers circulars, as well.

Furthermore, make dishes that can serve double recipes, so you can have dinner for one or two other nights. Likewise, make meals that can serve double-duty, like lunch the next day. Use your low carb leftovers to stretch your dollar.

And perhaps you have of this before: planning. But by planning your recipes and meals for the week, you help make yourself prepared, always. You won’t have to take that extra trip to the vending machine, or order take-out for your dinner. Wait, do you want to get all that that junk in your tummy?

Among other things, get to know some smart shopping strategies. Regarding pork, for instance, get less costly cuts like shoulder and rib chops, which should be tastier when well prepared. Also, purchasing whole chicken should see you save some bucks.

I hope the aforementioned tips help you save while you shop delicious, low carb foods. Like I said, a low carb diet should not cost a fortune. Happy shopping!

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